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Jewellery re-modelling service for old or damaged pieces

jewellery re-modelling

We offer a comprehensive re-modelling service for all gold and platinum diamond and gemstone jewellery.

With over thirty years of experience producing unique designs for our clients, including The Gem House at The Tower of London, Woolfe Jewellery have three talented designers capable of designing a wonderful piece of jewellery for you using the stones from jewellery that has passed out of fashion.

This is a wonderful way of enjoying old or damaged jewellery or pieces that you may have inherited, at a surprisingly reasonable cost.

You may have wondered why there are so few impressive pieces of antique jewellery in existence. The answer is that traditionally people have always re-modelled their old jewellery to keep up to date with modern fashions. Many people are delighted to inherit jewellery from much-loved family members, but when it comes to finding the occasion to wear the pieces they are not to their taste. Why not make a beautiful piece of new jewellery rather than leaving them unworn in a drawer. 

It’s best to start with refined gold or platinum rather than melt the metal down and use it again, re-using old metal results in a poor finish. However, we can recycle the old metal through a bullion merchant to achieve the best possible value to put towards the new piece. We can add more diamonds or coloured gemstones as necessary and even re-polish damaged stones, to maximise the lustre and sparkle!

Please email us at, and include your phone number so that we can call you to discuss your next piece of jewellery. You’ll thoroughly enjoy the process of collaborating to create your own personal design.

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